Wenderlynn Bagnall


Personal Empowerment and Introduction To Permaculture, Edible garden design, Agroforestry, delivering Permaculture to marginalise young people and those generally, mental illness and how we can use Permaculture as a tool for it. Using social Permauclture tools in local community and living off grid. Supporting those with little or no formal education.


people care, gardening, woodland and land management, Growing, community-building, fun, laughter and celebration, Permaculture, reconnecting with nature and the wild, Meditation, The Edge, Philosophy, Paganism, being connected to the land and learning from her.

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Devon, England

Countries work in: 



To see Permaculture readily accessible to everyone from child to grandparent, to the rich to the not so rich. To those educated to higher degree to those without or little education.


My mission is to be a Permaculture Educator and designer.  To share my knowledge and life experience with those who have had little or no opportunity to change their life circumstances. To show that there is a way forward no matter how difficult things can be.

Facilitation style:

Honest, open and genuine.  As a Permaculturist I am constantly evolving. I am always interested in learning new things and never claim to know everything. Facilitation is about guidance. What I can offer to people is learning and guidance that others have shown me. Passing on and exchanging  information is a crucial part of how we connect to each other and the earth, building beneficial relationships and communities. My recent experience of living off grid for over a year, living close to the land and experiencing how harsh and yet how beautiful it can be, has helped further develop my facilitation style, taking me to deeper inner levels which conventional culture has not or could not teach me. I believe we all have a place to fill in the journey to The Great Turning. I hope that I can help those who feel lost or unaccepted socially, to find a place where they can express themselves with meaning.

Upcoming courses:

Designing Your Life

Please visit my website for further details on this and other courses.





Contact information:

email us@northdevonpermaculture.co.uk

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