Peter Cow

Courses, facilitator trainings, personal mentoring and Permaculture Diploma tutoring in the UK and Portuguese systems

Sharing music and singing, helping people shine out their inner genius more brightly, deep nature connection, culture design and ecovillage skills.

Part of the Tree:


Languages: English, some French

Location:  UK, Portugal and more

Countries work in: UK, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands and Greece

Vision: Thriving communities of empowered individuals creatively collaborating to regenerate themselves, their society and the wider environment, joyfully and deeply engaging their gifts and skills to bring healing, connection and resilient abundance to life.

Mission: Cocreating regenerative micro cultures that inspire and open people, on courses and in wider life. Helping others to step into their fuller, wiser, more creative selves.

Aim: A rising tide of people taking responsibility for their happiness and for their effect on the world around them, inspiring regeneration, connection and creativity in ever wider ripples

Facilitation style:Heartfelt, cutting edge, musical and collaborative. I facilitate held, opening microcultures that inspire and enable people to go deeper and further, exploring new ways of seeing, being and thinking. I use diverse and creative facilitation methods to share ideas and experiences, bring out the wisdom of the group and allow for emergence.

My Story:I attended my PDC in 1998, and it inspired me to switch from tree protesting and living on campaign office floors to designing and setting up an ecovillage in Devon. I lived at Steward Community Woodland for 7 years, building eco homes, growing perennial foods, managing the woodland and learning to share. I learnt the importance of community organisation tools, communication and personal understanding. I completed my Permaculture Diploma whilst living in the wood, and trained to become a Permaculture teacher. I moved to London in 2007, then took to the road again in 2010, teaching PDCs and other courses around Europe and beyond.

One of my strongest passions is using the wisdom of permaculture to design regenerative personal and social systems. Since 2011 I have also been involved with the 8 Shields Institute – learning from, and sharing its powerful distillations of indigenous cultural wisdom from around the world. I work and live internationally, nestled in an inspiring webwork of eco communities, permaculture events and nature retreats.

Upcoming courses and events:

  • Urban Permaculture Design Course, Sweden, 24th November-5th December 2014
  • People and Permaculture course, Denmark, 10-15th April 2015
  • Reconnective Culture Gathering, Schweibenalp, Switzerland, 19-24th June 2015
  • People and Permaculture course, Terra Alta, Portugal, 29th June-7th July 2015
  • Art of Mentoring? Scotland July 2015 ?
  • Regenerative Community Permaculture Design Course, Schweibenalp, Switzerland, 14-26th August 2015
    • Plus other ‘standard’ Permaculture Design Courses in Portugal, Greece and Spain


Contact information: Please use the form on the contact us page.

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