Pauline Lemaire




Retreats and residential courses

Group and individual coaching

Facilitation of meetings and group dynamics


Singing, Cooking, Meeting new people, Non violent communication, People care, Smooth and soft fabrics, Looking at cats, chicken, squirrels, raven or any animal, Long and intensive walks in Nature, Mind Mapping, 2nd hand clothes, Tea, Female health and spirituality, Restorative circles, Powerful quotes on nice prints or illustrations, Housekeeping, Facilitate meetings and other gatherings, Integrate individual needs into a whole

Part of the Tree:



French, Dutch & English


France (Bretagne)

Countries work in: 

France & Belgium

or … any other country you’ll want to invite me to !


My vision is to keep working on my own healing and growth and to share the benefits of this attention to myself with the world. I wish to gather the tools to live a happy and meaningful life, learn how to make best use of these tools and share this knowledge and experience with others.


Help people getting in touch with the potential they have inside. Like a midwife, assist people with the delivery of their project, their dreams and ideas, their balanced and lively self.

Facilitate the translation of visions and missions into aims that can be communicated and are comprehensible.

Act as a mediator, as a translator between people and groups or between persons and their “inner self”.

Facilitation style:

Very sensitive and emotional, softness and calm, interaction, enthusiasm, laughter and singing, clear voice and attention to the choice of words, strong presence of body language and metaphoric language, lots of attention to the individual needs of all participants.

I donate a lot of myself, through the sharing of my experience and personal examples and situations, as I am not afraid to let others peak into my inner self.

Tools : Maieutics, active listening, empathy, rephrasing, Mind Mapping, Holacracy, Permaculture principles, Design Web

My Story:

While at school, my mind was set on studying psychology, captivated as I was with 19th century literature heroines, with women who just couldn’t find their way around in life and felt utterly lost and useless. Somehow, I ended up studying literature and forgot about psychology. Then I met with permaculture and got fascinated by social permaculture and human design.

Here I am now, accompanying people towards their inner and outer balance, and thus also finding my own way around life.

Upcoming courses:

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Contact information: Please use the form on the contact us page.

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