Looby Macnamara

Looby Macnamara

Courses, workshops, mentoring, coaching, facilitator training, diploma tutoring

I have a passion for creative teaching, games, songs, fun and getting to know people.

Part of the Tree:


Languages:  English

Location: Herefordshire, UK

Countries work in: UK and international

Vision: My vision is to make permaculture accessible and relevant to everyone and to empower people to use and develop their skills to support the growth of the permaculture ethics (peoplecare, earth care and fair shares) in the world

Mission: I enjoy translating permaculture principles and design tools to different situations and using their creativity to focus on solutions.

Aim: To increase the trained facilitators and teachers of permaculture

To publish inspiring, informative and accessible books on permaculture (particularly filling the gap on peoplecare publications)

Facilitation style:
As a facilitator I awaken passion, curiousity and commitment through playfulness and creativity. I use lots of interactive, fun teaching techniques to encourage participants to move beyond their usual thinking patterns. I like to challenge people to stretch their edges. I relish the new opportunities and adventures each course provides. I focus on building community with the group and enjoy the spontaneous magic that arises from encouraging group exploration. I hold the space for deep exploration and transformation with authenticity and integrity, inviting participants to embrace potential, respond to life and discover abundance.

My Story: In 1999 I took my permaculture design course (PDC) in Brighton. I was overawed by how fun learning could be, and put it on my long terms visions to become a permaculture teacher. At the time this seemed like a pipe dream and not really a reality of what would happen. However, I kept this ideal open and when opportunities arose I took them, and a few years later I was well on my pathway. Since 2002 I have been teaching permaculture, this has included PDCs, introduction and advanced courses. I also have been teaching teacher training courses since 2006. In 2010 after many years of recognising that there needed to be more included about people in permaculture literature I commited to writing a peoplecare book. In 2012 People and Permaculture  was published. Since then thousands of people have used the tools and techniques, including the design web I created, to enhance their lives, relationships and work. In Sept 2014 my second book 7 ways to think differently  will be published.


Upcoming courses:

Website: www.loobymacnamara.com, www.spiralsofabundance.com, www.designedvisions.com

Publications: People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently

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