Klaudia van Gool


Courses, workshops, coaching, mentoring, facilitation, diploma tutoring

Plants, particularly wild one and their many uses, nature connection, ceremony, people care design & facilitation, gardening, wild things, singing

Part of the Tree:


Languages: English, Dutch

Location: Dartmoor, Devon

Countries work in: UK, Lebanon,Palestine, Belgium, Estonia

Vision: A society where people live in a supportive and connected way with themselves, eachother and all Life on Earth

Mission: I am deeply committed to finding the best way to support people to make the change we need for the world today

Aim: To continuously learn, grow and share so that together we can find the way to live to our full potential and contribute to creating the world we need for all beings to thrive

Facilitation style:
Respectful, gentle, interactive, use of song, games and ceremony

My Story: I moved to the UK from Holland over 25 years ago, had 2 daughters, supported my partner’s business and loved gardening.  I studied environmental science and then worked for a charity giving environmental advice to businesses. I learned that I loved teaching and being able to instigate change of beliefs and attitude.  I started to teach permaculture in 2007 and have increasingly been drawn to the personal and social aspects of facilitating groups. I’m on a life-long path of learning and sharing for a transitioning world, from practical skills to personal-development and ways of ceremony to support us most deeply.

I continue to work with businesses on environmental management and change, teach permaculture, tutor for the UK permaculture diploma and facilitate The Work That Reconnects. I am preparing to be able hold the Inipi, Lakota sweat lodge, again to facilitate change and healing so people are free to act for a better world.

Upcoming courses:

  • see courses for up to date courses

Website: www.klaudia.co.uk

Publications: not yet

Contact information: Please use the form on the contact us page.

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