Kerry Lane

Kerry Lane

Offerings: Workshops, courses, mentoring, inner child adventures, designing & facilitation

Passions: Nature Connection, Thriving Groups, Reskilling, Playfulness & Creativity

Part of the Tree: Leaf

Languages: English, moderate German

Location: Shropshire, UK

Countries work in: Primarily UK, but occasionally involved in European courses and activities.

Vision: There is so much goodness in the world, so much abundance and wonder. I believe that the majority of the suffering and challenges in the world are a result of harmful patterns of being and thinking that we have been taught, but there are millions of people out there creating, rediscovering and sharing positive, nurturing patterns of being and thinking which are helping to create a joyful, connected, peaceful future for everyone on this earth, including all of the other creatures.

Mission: I lead by example, seeking out knowledge, skills, tools, connections and friends that help me to create my vision starting with myself and my communities. As I go I want to share what I have learned and discovered with others, to share the many benefits that I have harvested along the way and to support and inspire them on their paths. It is only through each of us walking our own paths that we will together create a positive future.

Aim: I want to inspire people, to give them optimism and tools. Help them to see how they too can create the world their heart desires. This will come through connecting to nature, both around us and our own, unlearning and rediscovering the ways of being and thinking that nourish and empower us. I want to connect and build up a network in my local area and the UK which supports this offering lots of different ways of getting involved from courses to mentoring, adventures to blogs and articles. My personal passion is creating spaces for adults to connect to their inner child out in nature, sparking playfulness, curiosity, joy and a deep respect and love for life.

Facilitation style:
Everyone learns best through experience, so I try to create as many opportunities for experience as I can followed by reflection time to harvest and understand learnings. I like to keep things fun as well as thought provoking, keeping interest and engagement through playfulness, games, stories and varied interactive activities. I do not claim to know ‘the answer’ and I believe that everyone has their own unique situations and therefore everyone will want and need to explore and do things in their own unique ways. I try to include as many of these as possible and will always focus on asking, thought-provoking and exploring,  not telling you what to think and feel. I will share with you my own experiences and beliefs and give suggestions on ways you could choose to stretch your edges. I also immerse people in nature and will always be encouraging and creating those connections.

My Story:
I grew up with nature, doing conservation work, wondering at moths/dragonflies/birds/dormice… being outside. This gave me a strong connection and love for the world around us and I could not think of anything else I wanted to study at university. I quickly realised that nearly all of the challenges facing the environment were due to people and that if I wanted to do something about them it was actually that edge between people and nature which I was going to need to learn about. My frustration with learning about all the problems without doing anything about them led to me getting involved in Transition Norwich. This opened my eyes to a whole array of possible ways of creating a better future and challenged me to start with myself, living lightly on the earth and respecting those around me. I have since been involved in a variety of different transition initiatives and organisations, learning more, putting in the hard work, celebrating the results.

I finally got round to doing a permaculture course in 2012, which suddenly gave me so many more tools and options. I was lucky enough to coincide with the publication of Looby’s People and Permaculture which helped me grasp how permaculture can be applied to people-based situations. Having ‘grown up’ through Transition this was something I was very interested in. In January 2013 I started my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with Looby as my tutor. It has been a wonderful, full on, self-led learning journey and I presented my finished portfolio at the International Permaculture Convergence in London in Sept 2015. I will be posting a link to it here soon.

I have always loved teaching, but the world of formal education never appealed to me. I want to inspire people to think for themselves, teach them the skills to find their own answers. So when the People and Permaculture Facilitators Training Course appeared I just knew this was my next step and what a wonderful experience it was that connected me up with so many other wonderful people who have helped co-create Thriving Ways.

Many of us experienced or were brought up on stories of children allowed to roam free and have adventures. My current adventure and passion is creating a space like this for adults to allow them to reconnect to their inner child and nature. If you would like to take your inner child on an adventure then please get in touch.

Upcoming courses:

  • I am currently developing courses including: Inner child nature adventures, another 7 Ways to Think Differently Course and a Thinking like Fungi course – get in touch if you are interested.

Contact information: Please use the form on the contact us page.