Social permaculture on the map

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I am writing this post following attendance at the Social Permaculture Course in the UK, early September and the International Permaculture Convergence (IPC). Both served to reinforce the importance of ‘invisible design’ and working on the People Care ethic as fundamental to permaculture and the change it can bring in the world. It was a privilege to be in the presence and share the experience of permaculture elders in this field: Robin Clayfield, Robina McCurtis and Starhawk. And also to be in attendance with so many interested and active permaculturists, as well as Looby and Peter’s energy and expertise in this area of work.

Many topics, tools and applications were covered and I came away stocked up with resources and insights. Particular gratitude to the Gaiacraft team, who did an amazing job collecting information and taking pictures for dissemination. Have a look at the SPC slideshow to get a flavour.

The IPC took social permaculture to another level by including it as a working group topic of the The Next Big Step, work to facilitate a strategic roadmap for the international permaculture community. I was delighted to be able to briefly participate, before dashing off to run a workshop on The Work That Reconnects, having just heard it acknowledged as an essential tool for social permaculture. A model for integrating SPC was discussed as well as a way forward to encourage integration. Watch this space!

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  1. Hi Klaudia, it was great to see you again at the IPC and was delighted that you could join the Social Permaculture at the Next Big Step sessions. Im just back from the UK now and facing a backlog of work but looking forward to continuing the SP exploration in the emerging community of practice.

    • Hi Davie, likewise, good to recoonect with you too, and looking forward to catching up on what was started at the IPC and contributing to bringing awareness of Social permaculture to the (permaculture) world

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