Steve Niner


Happy me

Offerings: Workshops, courses, mentoring, holistic problem solving

Passions: Is to try and communicate the wonder of life and how our every day actions impact the world around us. To me the imagination is the tool that is used to shape the world, we make the dream.We have to build a deep connection to Nature if we are to survive as a species

Part of the Tree: Roots

Languages: English

Location: for the time being Sussex, UK

Countries work in: Primarily UK but I am happy to go anywhere

My story:

The immersion in Nature has been the overriding influence throughout my long life. My initial training was at art school doing painting and sculpture. I then did a vocational post grad in theatre design followed by 30 years helping create sets, ads, TV programs, installations, trade shows etc.

Sometime in the early 80’s I did my Permaculture training, in London, since that time Permaculture has been my central paradigm. In the 90’s I started working as a garden designer. My gardens, predominantly in London, were about providing wildlife habitat, small scale food production and creating beautiful sanctuaries.

I went to live in Canada in the early 2000’s where I found Jon Young and immersed myself in the Kamana program and in creating my own artwork. On returning to the UK I did a forest schools leaders training. I then worked for Sussex Wildlife Trust helping deliver their Forest Schools program.

All through my life I have had a deep awareness of the sacredness of Nature, this has led me to study and practice meditation, magic and shamanism.

As well as my day job as a Forest schools leader I lead workshops and provide individual consultation on meditation, nature connection, bushcraft, shamanism, magic and creativity.

Vision: A world where humans are truly fulfilling their role as a keynote species.

Contact information: Please use the form on the contact us page.

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