Bernard Joseph


Bernard Joseph

Offerings: People & Permaculture Coaching, Trainings & Workshops, based on Health & Well-being (body&mind), and Social Permaculture to individuals & organisations.

Passions: Social Permaculture, Lifestyle coaching, Mind & Body  works, Enjoying Life, Connecting people, Stretching the edges.

Part of the Tree: Roots

Languages: French, English

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Countries work in: Belgium, France, UK, USA

Vision: Improving organisations and everyone’s quality of life on the long term by reconnecting people to themselves, the earth, and their surrounding communities.

Mission: Sharing my own experience while using network leverage and empathy to reach out far & wide and have the greatest impact on the society. Implementation through existing and experimental tools.

Aim: Learning in living & teaching.

Facilitation skills: Energetic, Passionated by Mind & Body Work, Health & Well-being. Using  NVC, Sociocracy, multi-sensorial tools to resolve conflicts and implement resilience. Stretching the edges and having fun are my favorite pedagogical tools.

My Story: Started my career as a Businessman & Entrepreneur, then moved towards Lifestyle Coaching in Health & Well-being for Corporation & Managers.

Discovered Permaculture in 2013, and completed PDC in 2014, then acquired skills and experience in Agro-ecology, Natural building, NVC, Sociocracy, TWR, Yoga, Meditation, Body energy,… Diploma in applied Permaculture in process. Currently in transition from Belgium to France, where we’re joining an eco-village and building our own house.

Upcoming courses: In 2017

Contact information: Please use the form on the contact us page.

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