Anna Locke


Permaculture Design and People-centred Permaculture Courses, Workshops for Community Groups, Talks, Coaching, Mentoring, Forest Garden Design.

Specialist Sessions in: Forest Gardening, Urban Agriculture, Community Gardening,  Community Development, Transition Movement, Health Maintenance, Emotional Literacy,  Parenting and Permaculture for Children.

Passions: Sustainable farming, organic food, wild-flowers and medicinal plants, deep ecology, experimenting with food growing on marginal land, domestic forest gardening, relationship of food growing, nutrition and health, Transition, empowering parents and children.

Part of the Tree: Flowers & Fruit

Languages: English, French, some Spanish

Location: Hastings, East Sussex, UK

Countries work in: UK & International

Vision: To be part of a global movement that empowers people to be more self-sufficient and sustainable in their way of life. To be part of a community that runs its own economy, grows its own food and uses and values its own resources. To encourage the growth of a society that preserves the environment and all life within it.

Mission: To write and teach in order to inspire a reconnection to nature. To role model the values and actions that will enhance and regenerate our landscapes and livelihoods. To be an active advocate of the alternative, holistic and collaborative paradigm shift, in particular permaculture and people-centred permaculture.

Aim: To share skills and knowledge in a fun and invigorating way that will enable individuals and groups to be more focussed about their sustainable activities

Facilitation style:
Dynamic, flexible, responsive.
Commitment to accelerated learning methods (you don’t just sit still and take notes!)
Collaborative, cooperative.
Big-hearted, humanistic and compassionate.

My Story:  Since my Human Science degree I have been carrying the torch for alternative health. I have been a body and energy-work practitioner for 20 years. The relationship of how we farm and how we eat is deeply embedded in my core values and in the walk, I walk. The small alternative health centre that I ran for 15 years in Camden Lock Market has given me much insight and learning about small business.

For years I worked with children as an inner-city playworker. This not only enlightened me to the need for children to be in nature but also that children learn best through play and when they are having fun. (This doesn’t seem to change when we grow up!)

Playwork led to becoming a Learning Mentor in schools. I worked with children with challenging behaviour, educational difficulties and often, difficult home lives. It required ‘being’ on their side so they could find a way forward with their education and their forming personalities. It gave me lots of practical skills and a whole tool-box full of ways to listen, engage, support and guide. I followed mentoring with a post-grad diploma in emotional literacy, which is one of my specialist topics in Thriving Ways.

Finally, gardening and landscape. I qualified as a gardener in 2000 and did my PDC with Steve Jones in 2011. For the last 6 years I have been a community gardener in London. . I also ran a Transition Group (Primrose Hill) for the same amount of time. We organised many events, courses and formed a good local network. I have many transferable skills and insights to bring to other community groups/ charities/ small businesses and one of them is ‘if only we had designed our activities with more intention…’

Upcoming courses:

  • I am currently developing courses and workshops in the Hastings area. I can come into your group/ business/ charity and co-design your activities with your whole team.  These workshops are tailor-made please get in touch with any questions or a preliminary chat through.

Contact information: Please use the form on the contact us page.

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