Upcoming courses

There is a whole range of exciting courses being offered by Thriving Ways members coming up soon. They all offer hope and inspiration which are valuable at this time. So we thought it would be lovely to give you a bit of a summary. It would be wonderful if you could join us.

People Permaculture Design Weekend in Norway

When: 1st-3rd July 2016

Where: Hardangerakademiet, near Bergen, Norway – jonatunet.publishpath.com/

Facilitator: Peter Cow

Investment: 2200,- NOK

Course Summary:
A valuable opportunity to explore using Permaculture Design for your life, your relationships and your organisations. The course is a mix of informative, experiential sessions and mentored design work, with time for nature connection and community deepening.

Women’s Wild Hearth

When: 5th – 10th July 2016

Where: Nr Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Dartmoor

Facilitators: Klaudia van Gool, Nikki Chambers, Jessie Watson Brown

Investment: £375 (limited concessions £325 – £295 depending on income)

Course Summary: A 5-day camp for women who would like to get closer to the wild side of nature, develop their intuition and learn some skills for practical and personal resilience.

Learn how to deepen your connection to nature and your feeling of belonging to the land. 

Share crafting and laughing, story, song and sisterhood. Ancient skills, working with fire, foraging, wild medicines. Yoga, meditation and deep relaxation. Time under the stars, and the ancient practice of the sweat lodge. 

Cultural Emergence Leadership Training

Findhorn Int Track IMG_3525

When: 12th – 17th July 2016 plus ongoing programme

Where: Applewood Permaculture Centre, North Herefordshire, UK

Facilitators: Looby Macnamara and Jon Young

The background story behind this training:

In November 2015 one of the participants on the People and Permaculture Facilitator Training, Ruth Cory, had a vision of a collaboration between Jon and Looby and between their respective models that they have created, that would spark further enhancement and evolution. Through her encouragement and enabling Looby and Jon are bringing People Permaculture and 8 Shields together.  Both 8 Shields and People Permaculture are at points of evolution and momentum and we believe that this connection, collaboration, and sharing of tools will be mutually beneficial and can help accelerate mass cultural emergence.

Empowering women with permaculture

CoursesWhen: 4-7th August 2016 (please note new dates)

Where: Applewood Permaculture Centre, Herefordshire UK

Facilitators: Looby Macnamara and Maddy Harland

Concessionary rate  £195
Low income rate (less than £15K/year) £265
Waged rate  £345

(this cost includes all food and camping, if indoor accomodation is required there is a small additional charge please enquire as to availability)

Course Summary: An experiential journey for women who are seeking to find their voice, walk further on their journey and reach their journey

Nature Connected Community

Circle gatheringWhen: 5th – 7th August 2016

Where:  Near Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Chris Holland, Kerry Lane, Klaudia van Gool and Rebecca Card, alongside a team of inspiring nature connection facilitators.

Investment: £135 low/no waged, £165 waged, £200 abundantly waged. £20 discount for locals within 25 miles of Shrewsbury as the crow flies

Course Summary: 

An experiential weekend for adults, introducing the wisdom of the 8 Shields through deep nature connection and creative cultural activities. Participants will get to experience what it is like to be in a thriving, nature connected community that creates a safe space for everyone to be fully themselves. We all share the same blueprint of what we need to feel wholly connected to life, this weekend creates that space for connection. It is inspired and informed by the Art of Mentoring and the 8 Shields and is part of a movement to grow regenerative cultures around the world.

People Centred Design – Italy

When: 12th -17th September 2016 (directly after European Convergence)

Where: Il Convento, Bolsena, Italy (the same town as the convergence)

Facilitators:Looby Macnamara,

Investment: €295  for the food and accomodation and logistical costs plus a donation for the facilitation (suggested minimum amount is €150). We are operating a fair shares scheme (as there are people coming from countries with different economic backgrounds) for the venue costs and if people with more financial abundance are able to pay extra then this allows for others to apply to pay less.

Course Summary:
This training will give you the confidence and skills to design any aspect of your life. We will be using the design web to create a design for ourselves as well as exploring how it can best be used in different scenarios.

During our time together we will focus on how we can dedicate our energy to finding solutions for ourselves and the world. This will be a richly nourishing, empowering and truly life transforming course.

Nature Connected Community Design Course

When: September 16-24 2016

Where: Haslachhof Community, South Germany

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Lien de Coster, Sarah Daum and special guests

Investment: 840 Euros before 15th July, 940 Euros after.

Course Summary: We will explore what it means to create and to be community. As our main toolbox we will use permaculture principles, social permaculture design, nature connection and practices of cultural repair as they have been gathered over time by earth-based people worldwide and spread by the international ‘8 Shields’ movement.. At the same time we will be experiencing community life first-hand in the new eco-community of Haslachhof, which will be our venue, our village and our social landscape to design for and with.

Cultural Emergence Foundation Course

When: 8-9th October 2016

Where: Berrington Hall, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UKDSCF8688

Facilitators: Kerry Lane

Investment: through gift culture, see below

Course Summary: An exciting weekend exploring cultural emergence, imagining together the more beautiful culture our hearts know is possible and moving towards it. The weekend will bring together tools from social permaculture (designing following natural patterns and principles) and the 8 Shields (deep nature connection, regenerative culture and indigenous wisdom) to inspire and support our exploration.

People and Permaculture facilitator training

exploring in a treeWhen: 16-26th November  2016  plus a continued year long support programme

Where: Ragman’s Lane Farm, Gloucestershire

Facilitators: Looby Macnamara and Peter Cow

Investment: see below

Course Summary: This training will enable us to deepen our personal and social permaculture design skills and offer facilitation, courses and coaching to a wide audience. Course graduates will be entitled to become Thriving Ways members.

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