Inside Inertia, a tale of Pattern Disruption

Part of the Cultural Emergence storytellings

p10700742All of a sudden getting to bed late didn’t seem like such a bad thing as I sat gazing up into the ocean of sparkling stars appearing as the clouds cleared and a white trail of light arced across the sky – a shooting star! This was the peak of the Perseid meteor shower and I had forgotten until now. I sat mesmerised, the cool night air on my cheeks and a myriad of shooting stars above me; faint ones, quick ones and the occasional really bright one that seemed to go on forever. They say seeing a shooting star brings you good luck, on that night I felt my good luck in being able to see them was enough.

After a peaceful nights sleep in the bell tent I awoke to the sound of birds singing their joy of the morning, which I totally agreed with as I stepped out barefoot into the dew jewelled grass and the gentle morning sunshine, feeling wonderfully alive.

For me the cultural emergence course, spending a week camping at the beautiful Applewood Permaculture centre, was a fantastic disruption to my pattern that inside is my default place to be and going outside something I have to make happen. I really felt the huge benefits and joys of being outside the majority of the time and wanted to keep it up, but found that my home was set up to support that pattern of staying inside being ‘normal’. The inside inertia set in and when I looked out the window it looked a bit grey and unenticing and I had lots of things to get on with indoors, total nonsense as I always really loved it and felt better when I did convince myself to go out. Somehow though, knowing that wasn’t enough to disrupt the pattern.

I was blessed a month later with another week camping outside, reaffirming and strengthening my desire to disrupt this pattern. I would really love a home set up so that being outside was something that I did all the time and being inside something that I had to choose to do. For me I feel this probably requires putting my means of meeting my basic needs outside (cooking, toilets etc), so that I don’t have a chance to let the inside inertia set in.

This is wonderfully demonstrated by Ben and his family and Hattie who I am staying with at the moment. They were also on the Cultural Emergence Leadership training course and for the same reasons I have mentioned they have moved their kitchen outside and all of their cooking and eating is currently being done over a fire that is under a tarp. It is totally wonderful.

All of my experiences this summer have been blessed with beautiful weather and yet somehow I feel it is even more important when the weather is less appealing. It is even more difficult at those times to convince myself to be outside and yet it is still so beneficial for me to get out there. I always feel better for it and usually enjoy myself immensely.

Do you experience inside inertia? Have you managed to disrupt this pattern at all? How do you make sure that you get outside lots of the time? I would really love to hear your stories and experiences with this.

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