Social & Personal Design workshop

When: 19th Sept 9.30-17.00

Location: High Heathercombe, Dartmoor

An opportunity to bring a project or issue you’d like to do some work on, get a different perspective on. You will be guided through the permaculture design process and come away with a clearer vision, and some guidance from nature and the principles of permaculture on how to achieve that vision, through a facilitated process.

This is a powerful process that can really help shift your current situation.

I bring to this facilitation my 10 years permaculture experience, 31 Permaculture design courses taught, 7 years of permaculture diploma design tutoring, my passion about social permaculture, membership of Thriving Ways Collective and the many tools I picked up along the way (see other pages and offerings).

Costs: Full £65, concession £40

Who is it for: This workshop is suitable for people new to permaculture, though it will certainly benefit you to have some previous knowledge & experience.  Anyone who would like to work on an issue on their lives that can do with some new insights, different perspectives, moving through stuckness or a social / community project that needs moving forward.

What to bring: Lunch to share, notebook, large paper, colouring pencils/pens, some baseline info about your project if you have any, clothing for outdoors (waterproofs if wet, sunhat & screen if hot), anything else you need to be comfortable and resourced to focus on your design.

Booking form 

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