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Kt (Katie) Shepherd



Individual coaching

Short workshops and design work relating to any of the topics listed in my passions.

Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Tutor.

Social Media and other web support specifically for permaculture projects.


My main focus and specialist topic in people centred permaculture, is around designing for death, and dying well. See Creative Dying

Other passions and areas of design experience are : –

Placing people care at the core of all land based design work, Upland farming, Growing food in challenging environments, Self care and development, Health care, (including taking permaculture design into our mainstream services), Caring for each other, Earth based spirituality, Deepening Edges.

Part of the Tree: Root

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Anna Locke


Permaculture Design and People-centred Permaculture Courses, Workshops for Community Groups, Talks, Coaching, Mentoring, Forest Garden Design.

Specialist Sessions in: Forest Gardening, Urban Agriculture, Community Gardening,  Community Development, Transition Movement, Health Maintenance, Emotional Literacy,  Parenting and Permaculture for Children.

Passions: Sustainable farming, organic food, wild-flowers and medicinal plants, deep ecology, experimenting with food growing on marginal land, domestic forest gardening, relationship of food growing, nutrition and health, Transition, empowering parents and children.

Part of the Tree: Flowers & Fruit

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Steve Niner


Happy me

Offerings: Workshops, courses, mentoring, holistic problem solving

Passions: Is to try and communicate the wonder of life and how our every day actions impact the world around us. To me the imagination is the tool that is used to shape the world, we make the dream.We have to build a deep connection to Nature if we are to survive as a species

Part of the Tree: Roots

Languages: English

Location: for the time being Sussex, UK

Countries work in: Primarily UK but I am happy to go anywhere

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Below you will find the profiles for all of the members of Thriving Ways. We have all either co-facilitated or been trained as facilitators by Looby. There is much diversity amongst us, so have a browse and see who resonates with you.