Obtain a Yield
Obtain a Yield

Grazing animals are continually obtaining a harvest. Expanding our idea of yields increases the potential for us to obtain harvests from activities. Job satisfaction, play, fun, friendship, growth and learning can be valued yields as well as more tangible ones such as money, time saved and material gains.
There are an infinite amount of yields that we could get from any system or activity: the yields are only limited by our imagination and information. In our gardens for example there are many weeds that could be harvested but we may not have the information about their uses. Even the yields from climax forests could be added to with educational activities and owl boxes, and the list of what else we could include is endless.
If we don’t harvest the yields we can’t benefit from them; this is sometimes simply about us recognising and valuing them as such. We can increase the worth of the harvest by further processing or combining yields. By making fruit into jam we are adding value as well as catching and storing energy. Obtaining yields helps us to maintain motivation and momentum on our paths. Rewards provide incentives for us and are much more satisfying when they come from the work itself rather than externally.

Icon: A root vegetable. Edible yields are a measure of success.

Proverb: You can’t work on an empty stomach. Achieving short-term goals, getting results and meeting immediate needs entice us to work towards longer-term visions.

Self-reflection questions

  • What are the yields available?
  • Am I currently harvesting them?
  • Are there other yields that could become available?

This information is taken from People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara.