• The vision anchor point provides direction; it is at the top of the web, like the North Star.
  • This anchor point opens up our imagination and connects us with our dreaming processes.
  • This is the time of unboundaried dreaming, to express what abundances we want to create and our ideals; our ideal self, livelihood, family, group and community.
  • We can focus on where we want to be and not have to think about how to get there.
  • Our vision ignites hope.
  • Once voiced we can practice non-attachment to the details of our vision and allow for different things to develop.


  • Guided visualisations.
  • Any art medium; storytelling, collages and painting are useful to sidestep our automatic limitations and access our dreaming state.
  • Give a timescale for the vision; one, five, ten years from now.
  • Tell a story of the place you would like to be.

This information is taken from People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara.