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7 Ways to Think Differently

7 ways to think differently is potent medicine for a world full of challenges and opportunities. Looby Macnamara opens our minds and hearts to new ways of thinking, increasing the possibilities available to us.

Discover and be inspired by

  • Abundance thinking – living in gratitude and balance;
  • Solutions thinking – believing there are solutions to any problem;
  • Systems thinking – sensing the interconnectedness of all life;
  • Thinking like nature – discovering nature around us reflected within us;
  • Thinking for the future – considering larger timeframes;
  • Co-operative thinking – learning to collaborate with each other;
  • From thinking to doing – moving into action and turning our dreams into reality.

“In this wonderful book, Looby Macnamara equips you with cutting edge concepts that can both improve your life and strengthen your capacity to make a difference in the world.”

(Chris Johnstone co-author of Active Hope with Joanna Macy)

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Group Work Cards

Group Work Cards

This beautiful set of cards was collaboratively created by a group in the US. They resonate on a deep level the characteristics that we know work well for effective, productive and nurturing groups.

Looby has imported some to the UK so they are only £20.99 to buy.

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People and Permaculture book

People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara

People and Permaculture, written by Looby Macnamara, one of the founders of Thriving Ways, is the first book to directly explore the application of permaculture to people, it expands the question of what is permaculture? and makes it relevant to anyone wanting to improve their lives, relationships, communities and world.

There is a People and Permaculture Facebook group dedicated to discussions about this book and how people are using its suggestions.

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