“Four months later, I am still amazed by how all that I learned at the course, the tools and the inspirations, are still permeating into my life, drop by drop, helping me create the ‘ideal me’, my ‘ideal’ relationship and strengthening my trust that, if we use the tools we have at hand, we can create a better, sustainable and loving life on Earth. I keep applying Looby´s design web to so many facets of my life, personal and professionally and I am still fascinated by the effects it has.”

Marta – People and permaculture design course participant with Looby Macnamara

“For me Looby was the person who grounded my feeling about permaculture not being about gardens but about life. As a teacher and tutor she is really good at getting you out of your comfort zone in a fun way. She manages to let you experience the connection between your inner processes, the groups you belong to, and the direction we are going as a society. Permaculture for the brave!”

Lien – People and Permaculture design course participant with Looby Macnamara

“I find it enriching to be able to consciously carry around the design web and the principles of permaculture. For me this was a time of transformation, and the setting also allowed for that transformation to occur. There were only a few other occasions in my life on which I have been able to manifest myself in such a firm and clear manner.”

Participant on ‘River Trip’ introduction weekend with Diego Van De Keere and Demian Burgenik


Written by Lien De Coster after a one day course

I’ve met this
little blond girl
in the forest
she knows everything:
where the mushrooms grow and
where the arctic foxes have their dens
when I write my
poems on the back of
a train ticket or
on a paper napkin,
ripping it apart with words
she is witnessing me
with her four
and four thousand
year old eyes
I am now wearing
her necklace of
bone and teeth
crossing the water
back to the other
side with salmon’s ease
upon arrival
I climb and I climb
I stumble no more